Rent a Hospital Bed for Home

Recovery, Rehabilitation & Rest

At R2O Healthcare Solutions – when you want to rent a hospital bed for home – we make the process simple and straight-forward.

You decide the duration of the rental without being locked-in. If you decide you need it a bit longer, a simple phone call will do it.

Similarly just call us to collect the bed sooner than  you planned if you want.

You can of course purchase a hospital bed or mattress outright.  But did you know that you can also RENT TO OWN?

You can arrange to rent a bed for a year – thereafter it’s yours to keep. No more payments of any kind.

(Now you know what ‘R2O’ means)

"R2O is a very dedicated and reliable company for nursing home equipment. They give you an opportunity to try their products under no obligation. James and his team are very professional, knowledgeable and helpful."
Tendai - Director of Nursing
Aclare Nursing Home

R2O is a leading supplier of quality healthcare equipment in Ireland.

We continually develop our product range to deliver complete solutions for all modern care environments.With our innovative products and experienced staff, R2O Healthcare Solutions really are “Equipped to Care” for you.

"We have worked with R2O for a number of years now. The team are very easy to work with, being helpful, prompt and efficient in delivering their services. Their products are highly effective. I would highly recommend."
Sheila Dillon
Director of Nursing, Cedar House Nursing Home

Some advantages when you rent a hospital bed for home

Staying at home

For many people, staying in the home they love is their ultimate goal. Even with health and mobility issues, a hospital bed allows you stay at home. Having a hospital bed installed in your home allows you to be around family while getting the necessary treatment you need.

Adjustable Bed for Comfort

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important. Whether you have mobility or health issues getting comfortable and finding the right sleep position can be challenging. A hospital bed can allow you to easily adjust your position to get comfortable.

Easier for Carers

Hospital beds can be adjusted easily. They can be moved up and down, making it easier for you to get in and out of bed. They also make it much easier for carers to assist. There will be less awkward positions and reaching in unnatural position to help move around and get situated in bed.

Safety & Protection

Hospital beds are designed to be safe and provide complete protection. The ability to adjust the side rails of your bed to prevent falling out of bed in the middle of the night can be a life saver. These rails also give you something to grab onto to adjust yourself, get comfortable and help you get out of bed.

"We have been dealing with James & the R2O team for the past two years and have found them very good. They are swift in their respons to any request for help & support. I'm happy to recommend them."
Padro Pio Nursing Home